Exhibitions :

Print Screen Fest - Holon, Israel (april / may 2014)

NotGames Fest's Playground - Cologne, Germany (august 2013)

Lacci is a digital 3D maze, explorable from a first person perspective.
This labyrinthine structure, made of visual alterations and optical illusions, provides a challenging navigation to its visitors.
In this experience, progression is only possible through transgression, and thus by questioning the codes of the medium.
The length of the game is determined by the duration of the piano piece Afrika by Stephan Siebert.
Hence, completion is no more an end in itself and to get out of the maze is no longer a goal.

MechBird MechBird MechBird MechBird

Design, graphics and development : Tatiana Vilela

Music : Stephan Siebert

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