Exhibitions :

Playful Arts Festival - 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands (june 2014)

Gamerz Festival - Aix-en-provence, France (october 2013)

Distinction :

CONNEXT 2013 Award, M2F Créations (2013)

Oort is an avoider game with a dedicated light-based controller.
The experience is similar to an arcade game and implies a significant dissociation of hand movements.
The cold and geometric universe of the digital space makes a hypnotic experience.

MechBird MechBird MechBird MechBird

Design and graphics: Tatiana Vilela

Development: Romain Péchot

Sound and music: Benjamin Demotié & Tatiana Vilela

Prototyping: Quentin Couvreur, Benjamin Demotié, Robin Devilette & Tatiana Vilela

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