L'Atlas des matrices

/lat.lɑsdema.tʁis/ L'Atlas des matrices
Dynamic installation (2017)

Maison des cultures et des arts (France)
Forum des Images (France)
Centre culturel des Prés du Roy (France)
Maker Faire
Puzzle (France)
Shadok (France)

L'Atlas des matrices is a slideshow displaying screenshots of every deadPixels²'s endgame, updated in real time. As a collection of maps, the images show the claimed and disputed territories through these emergent graphic compositions. The Atlas is projected on a canvas to showcase these records of the playful dialogue between the players through the machine and highlight the game as a creative act. After L'Atlas des matrices' exhibit, these images are shared online by different means. See below the "matrix of matrices", a board presenting all 337 games played during an exhibit at the Forum des Images, in Paris, in February 2022.

Designed, built & developed by Tatiana Vilela dos Santos & Olivier Drouet